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Youth Ministry

Intended for high school teens and university students, New City Church’s youth and young adults’ ministry prepares students to be followers of Christ and meaningfully engage our culture.

We believe that Christianity is worth thinking about, and Jesus is worth centering our lives upon. So we gather to consider these things, and to evaluate all things in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We'll open the Bible to see what it says, and we'll compare and contrast it with other major worldviews (Islam, postmodernism, secular humanism, Marxism, and New Age beliefs) in media such as movies, TV, news and music. We'll also examine how we are to interact with them as Christians.

NCC Youth generally meet on the second and fourth Fridays of the month:

(1) the second Friday of each month features a 30-minute session, followed by Q&A, and

(2) the fourth Friday screens a movie or video, followed by group discussion

Here's the upcoming schedule....

  • April 1: Life of Pi movie screening
  • April 8: What is the nature of the universe?
  • May 13: What is there church all about?
  • Jun 10: What is the Bible? Can we trust it?
  • Jul 8: What is the Old Testament?
  • Aug 12: What is the New Testament?
  • Sep 9: What is sin, and what is God’s response to it?
  • Oct 14: Does the Trinity matter?
  • Nov 11: How can we redeem our culture?
  • Dec 9: How does our future hope shape our todays?
  • (Note: May-Dec movies to be announced)

What should I expect?

If you plan on attending one of our discussion nights, come ready learn and engage with peers of both same and different backgrounds and beliefs than yours.

No previous knowledge is required, so come on out and bring your questions - we will provide the snacks!

If you plan on coming to one of our media study nights then come ready to watch, listen and discuss as we engage with pop culture from a Christian worldview.

For more information, please contact our ministry intern, Kevin Schwittai, at 403.852.6817 or