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There is a Judge

July 8, 2018 Speaker: Pastor Carl Santos Series: Seeking Answers in the Psalms

Topic: Seeking Answers in the Psalms Passage: Psalm 9:1–9:20


There is no denying that humans love to see people "Get what they deserve!" Whether it is sporting events, politics or at work, we love to see the "bad guy" punished and the "good guy" rewarded. This isn't just some quirk, but a deeply ingrained desire and need that we all have. Is it possible that we yearn for justice because there is actually a Judge who has given us that desire? Psalm 9 shows us that there is good, bad, and then good news. The first good news is that you do have a Judge. The bad news is that you don't live up to his standard. The second (and best) piece of good news is that this Judge has made a way for you to get a favourable verdict.

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