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Peacemakers Needed

July 2, 2017 Speaker: Mike Ivancic Series: Christ in our Conflicts

Topic: Christ in our Conflicts Passage: Matthew 5:9, James 3:13–3:18

What does Christianity highlight as being one of the most evident characteristics showing a family resemblance to God the Father?  Would you be surprised to know that it is Peacemaking.  Why would that be?   Is it that out of the history of mankind a mere 270 years haven’t seen war of some kind?  Is it despite our progress and advancement in areas such as healthcare, technology,  and science we still grapple with simple differences and divisions which cause conflict and which has led the last century being dubbed as the most violent?  Or is it because of all the above and more?  This week we picked up where we left off in looking at Christ in our conflicts.  Specifically, we looked at how peacemaking is at the centre of who and what we are called to be as the church.  In the process we discovered a call that is not for the fainthearted and one of the most hazardous but absolutely necessary roles that someone can live out. 

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