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The Cornerstone of Life

February 5, 2017 Speaker: John Ferguson Series: The Gospel of Luke

Topic: The Gospel of Luke Passage: Luke 20:9–20:19


Rejected but chosen...and vindicated
In this study from the life of Jesus, we look at the last story that Luke reports Jesus telling before the final events leading to his crucifixion.

Jesus tells a story directed against the religious leaders who were seeking to destroy him.

In this story, a vineyard owner (God) sends his servants (the prophets) to check on the progress of his vineyard by inspecting its fruit, and the tenant farmers (the religious leaders) beat the servants sending them away empty handed.

He then sends his Son (Jesus) thinking surely they would respect him and treat him differently, but the only thing different was that they actually killed the Son.

Jesus was vividly portraying through the means of a parable the events that were about to be played out.

And yet...

And yet, though he would be rejected by the religious leaders and his own people, Jesus would be vindicated by becoming the Cornerstone of life--new life, the life of the promised future, the life of God's coming kingdom.

In claiming to be not just the last in a long line of prophets but God's very Son, Jesus is claiming to be the Cornerstone around which our lives should be built.

And that's Good News!


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