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Our Story

Our Story

In the summer of 2010, a group of about 30 people gathered to dream of and pray about a new church in Calgary that would focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ and how his gospel forms people into a new community to participate in God's mission to bring redemption to this world. 


And from that core group has grown a diverse church family.

Pastor Mike puts it like this,

"What if I told you that there are at least 15 nations/ethnic backgrounds represented here--Hungarian, South African, Pilipino, American, Chinese, Korean, Brazilian, Irish, Indian, Dutch, German, Congan, Ugandan, Ghanaian and, of course, Canadian?

"What if I told you that there were votes for at least three out of four political parties in the last provincial election represented by this congregation?

"What if I told you there were at least four different choices by parents on how and where to educate their children--homeschooled, public, private Christian and private Secular schools?

"What if I told you that we have students, unemployed, employed (corporate, union, professional, part-time, full-time), retired and entrepreneurs?

"What if I told you that there were at least eight descriptions of different kinds of relationships: single, dating, divorced, separated, widowed, engaged, married, and remarried?

"What if I told you that the educational levels were up to grade school, high school, up to college and university, undergrad, post grad masters and doctorate?

"What if I told you that there are people who have been theologically shaped by Baptists, Mennonites, Pentecostal, Missionary Alliance, Catholic, Orthodox, Plymouth Brethren, Christian Reformed, Canadian Reformed not to mention people from unchurched backgrounds as well?

"And yet here we are in the same room singing the same songs, listening to the same sermon, praying the same prayers, coming to one common table."


We are a group of people just like you. We more broken, flawed, sinful, and messed up than we often have the courage to admit, but we're learning to believe the Good News of Jesus--that in him we can experience more love, acceptance, and delight from God our Father than we ever dared believe. 

You're invited to come along and join our story, whether you are skeptical or full of doubts and questions, whether you are simply trying to figure out what you believe or have been a follower of Jesus for a long time.

There's a place here for you.