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Our Vision & Values

New City Church is a worshiping community that exists to make the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ known among the people of Calgary in the hope of seeing the joy and peace of Christ’s Kingdom come to our great city.

We Value The Gospel

  • We immerse ourselves in the story of Scripture because it is about God’s heart for the reconciliation and restoration of all things in Jesus Christ.
  • We are learning that we are more deeply flawed, broken, and sinful than we often have the courage to admit, yet we can experience in Christ the love, acceptance, and forgiveness of God the Father.
  • We focus on the person and work of Jesus Christ because we believe the Gospel can change anyone and anything.
  • We emphasize “mere Christianity” stressing the importance of the question of Jesus of Nazareth when He asked, “Who do you say that I am?”

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We Value Community

  • We embrace the fact that part of the restoration of God’s original purposes for humanity includes living in genuine community with each other under God’s kind rule. The Gospel reconciles us to God and to each other, and together we learn a new way of being human.
  • We acknowledge that one cannot be a healthy follower of Christ apart from other believers, or what has been called ‘the communion of saints.’ Jesus forms us into a community of disciples.
  • We expect and welcome people who are not yet followers of Jesus Christ to be in our midst. Everyone is welcome no matter what their background or their honest questions or struggles.

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We Value Mission

  • We exist for the world that Jesus came to save. We understand the mission of the church is to be the very presence of Christ in this broken and bent world. Therefore we embrace the call that we exist for mission and not for comfort.
  • We want to be a church that is in the city and for the city. Therefore, we are learning more and more to move out of our comfort zones for the sake of others to help others understand the implications of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for themselves.
  • We believe that God loves cities because they are filled with people, and so should we. We are called to know and love our city well, to celebrate and rejoice in its beauty, and to enter into its brokenness with the love, mercy, and justice of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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