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Sunday Review: "Don't Waste Your Life"

In this study of the life of Christ, the gospel writer Luke presents to us the final story that Jesus told the crowds before entering Jerusalem.

In this story, Jesus says that he will call each us to give an account of our lives.

Followers of Jesus have been entrusted with the business of the kingdom; that is, they've been entrusted with the gospel and are supposed to put it to work and see its increase. That is the key to how they invest their lives.

And faithfulness in this investment will be richly rewarded.

Jesus also acknowledges that there are also those who do not want him to rule over them. For them, this is the ultimate wasting of their lives.

Either way, we need to grasp this core truth: Apart from Christ, you and I will waste our lives.

Reflections Questions: "Don't Waste Your Life" (Luke 19:11-27) by NewCityChurchCalgary on Scribd

Sermon Slide Deck: "Don't Waster Your Life" (Luke 19:11-27) from John Ferguson