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Sunday Review: "A King Like No Other"

In this study of the life of Jesus, we look at what is called "The Triumphal Entry."

The crowds cheered Jesus as he entered Jerusalem riding on a colt. And then he broke down weeping and lamenting over Jerusalem.


It all had to do with what they thought would bring them peace.

The peace they wanted was not the peace that Jesus had to offer, and so in that moment, he saw what would ultimately happen to the city of peace when it rejected the kind of King Jesus was.

There is the Jesus we want, and the Jesus who is, and these two are not often the same.


Reflection Questions: "A King Like No Other" (Luke 19:28-44) by NewCityChurchCalgary on Scribd

Sermon Slide Deck: "A King Like No Other" (Luke 19:28-44) from John Ferguson