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Sermon Review: "Children of the Resurrection"

In this study, we look at an encounter that Jesus had with a group of religious leaders called the Sadducees--a group that believed this life is all there is.

No afterlife. No heaven. No hell. Just nothing.

As Jesus was teaching in the Temple just days before his crucifixion, they come up with a clever question--or so they thought--to try to make Jesus look ridiculous.

And what Jesus said next no one saw coming.

In his response, Jesus gives us a valuable insight into not only life after life, but also the kind of joy that awaits those by grace who attain to the resurrection of the dead.

Little did these religious leaders know that in just a matter of days, Jesus himself would rise from the dead demonstrating the truthfulness of what he says.

Reflection Questions: "Children of the Resurrection" (Luke 20:27-40) by NewCityChurchCalgary on Scribd

Sermon Slide Deck: "Children of the Resurrection" (Luke 20:27-40) from John Ferguson